My parents weren't as worried about me decapitating myself with a video camera as they were a four-foot-long broadsword, and Poppy was cool enough to basically let me have it.
Name: Micah Taylor

How long have you been in Greenville? Seven Years

Most interesting fact about you: I have 16 festival nominations between 4 film projects and have written/published a book.

Your background: I grew up in a tiny "King of the Hill" town called Woodruff in Spartanburg County.

There wasn't much to do there but play outside in the woods, which was pretty funand helped me develop a pretty active imagination as a kid because… well… what else are you gonna do all day?

My grandfather (we called him Poppy) had this huge, heavy, ornate sword he kept in the back of his closet behind all of his coats.

I was cautioned that it was dangerous and I shouldn't play with it, but I would often sneak back and grab the sword and play with it in his room.

When I was 10 years old, while trying to get the sword, I was distracted by a home video camcorder.

My parents weren't as worried about me decapitating myself with a video camera as they were a four-foot-long broadsword, and Poppy was cool enough to basically let me have it.

So a lot of my allowance from the time I was 10-13 was spent saving up and buying tapes to shoot mini-documentaries and films with my friends (spoiler alert: they were awful).

I moved out to Anderson in 2007 to go to school (at Anderson University) and film sort of stuck with me.

I didn't major in film but was fortunate enough to have a professor who was attentive to his students, so my senior year he designed a class around filmmaking (which a number of us were interested in). During that time I shot my first real short (with actors I coaxed away from the theatre department).

In 2012, I tricked a really beautiful and wonderful woman named Jessica into marrying me and have since had 2 children with her- Coen… and Grace (coming October 2018 to a hospital near you).

We moved to Greenville (which had been my goal for a couple years) to take a job doing in-house video and web for Confluence Watersports (now Confluence Outdoors).

I met and worked with a lot of great people there, but after a couple years I realized I wanted a new challenge, and I had always had the desire to start my own company, form my own team, and create my own company culture.

So in 2014 I left the full-time salary and went out on my own as a freelance videographer.

During that time I worked "part-time" (aka between 20-80 hours a week) with my friend Rob Young as a Creative Director and Event Coordinator to help him start SC Comicon (which I believe had somewhere around 8,000 in attendance our first year and now has over 14,000 attendees, but don't quote me on those numbers).

After a couple of cons, as video work continued to grow, we decided it would be best to fully invest in one thing.

So I went full time into video and founded my company, Electric Soul.

Since then I have been able to work with some truly amazing companies: national brands like Dick's Sporting Goods, Southern Tide and 9Round (local companies with global reach), and some great local establishments like The Landmark Project and the Chandler School.

I've also been able to continue writing and directing films and series, most of which have had the honor of being recognized in national film festivals.

We are currently gearing up to produce our first feature film (so if you know anyone who likes to throw money at movies, send em my way).

Currently reading or watching: War of Art (again)… Watching: Better Call Saul

Hobby: I pretty much try to eat my way through the city as often as physically possible

Tagline: Don't Live in Fear." – I believe fear should be a driving factor in defining the decisions we make for family, business, or anything else. Too many great things haven't been accomplished because people fear what could happen if they took and chance or lived boldly

Who do you work for? Electric Soul (Own Company)

What is your day-to-day on the job? Meeting with incredibly interesting businesses, advertising agencies, non-profits, and schools to learn who they are and how to craft and tell their story through video. Working with extremely talented casts and crews to tell stories (whether for a business or for original films)

How do you think Greenville would describe you in one word? Extraverted

How would you describe Greenville in one word? Warm

Besides residence, where is your favorite Greenville morning hangout? Methodical, Grateful Brew, or The Village Grind. All great coffee shops with awesome people and quality coffee, so whichever one is on the way to my destination that day

Besides residence, where is your favorite Greenville evening hangout? At the moment, my wife and I are really digging Hampton station. White Duck Taco, Birds Fly South beer, and some green space for our kid to run around… it's pretty much perfect.

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