I am from Greenville, we have a big family and have been here in Greenville for about four or five generations.
Name: William Timmons

How long have you been in Greenville? 34 years

Most interesting fact about you: I can bowl over a 200 with either my left or right hand

Your background: I am from Greenville, we have a big family and have been here in Greenville for about four or five generations. I went to Christ Church after third grade, I then ended up graduating from there. I played tennis in both high school and college, where I went to George Washington for my undergraduate degree. I received a law degree and masters degree from the University of South Carolina.

I was a prosecutor for four years, started six business in which I still own four; Swamp Rabbit CrossFit, Soul Yoga, a law practice called Timmons and Company and a real estate company that has property in what will become Unity Park. I also serve in the State Senate. I also was commissioned five months ago as a National Guard JAG Officer.

Each state has their own National Guard component. That is traditionally known as the militia. The Governor is my Commanding Officer and can activate National Guard members to become members of the active duty military and deploy National Guards. It is designed to assist national operations around the world but primarily assisting with natural disasters and security in each state.

I am assigned to 263rd Army Air and Missile Defense Command which is in Anderson. We are one of five different units that are tasked with the North American Air Missile Defense which is largely in Washington and is also apart of NORAD as well.

Swamp Rabbit CrossFit just celebrated their six year anniversary, it has been fantastic getting to help people meet their fitness goals, get healthy and have a better life.

My interest in serving our community came about as I was frustrated as a small business owner and prosecutor. We are wasting tax dollars and creating a burdensome taxation scheme that strangles small business owners. I've always joked that if you are going to complain about something as much as I was then you have got to be willing to do something to fix it.

Currently reading or watching: George Washington's biography. About two years ago I acquired a bunch of books as I went from having no offices to having two offices. I bought a hundred books from a press and it has been biographies of the Presidents of the United States. It has been fantastic. It is a great way to relearn history through the lens of the President's biographies.

Hobby: CrossFit, tennis and golf

Tagline/motto: Adapt and Overcome

Who do you work for? The people of State Senate District 6 (and hopefully the people of the 4th Congressional District as of November 6th!)

What is your day-to-day on the job? I run four businesses, serve in the State Senate, and campaign for Congress

How do you think Greenville would describe you in one word? Driven

How would you describe Greenville in one word? Unique

Besides residence, where is your favorite Greenville morning hangout? Swamp Rabbit CrossFit.

Besides residence, where is your favorite Greenville evening hangout? Jianna

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