Greenville is one of the best places to live. The people, I mean the people are just awesome. I love Greenville.
I'm wishing Textile Hall's English guru Adrienne was here to help me craft this newsletter.

Adrienne is out and about though, likely in her school bus that is now a writing lab, so I'll rely on someone else.

I peruse through Google searching for synonyms of the word 'gratitude.' In four months, the ShareGVL Community has grown to a reach of over 5,000 individuals. That said, I pressure myself to sound cerebral and claim to have wisdom that I do not have.

But I come to find a quote from James, who has been one of 74 stories featured with the most simple, yet powerful quote about our community.

Greenville is one of the best places to live. The people, I mean the people are just awesome. We are going to have our differences but I love the people here. We get along better than a lot of people in this country. I don't know what it is. I love Greenville.

And at this moment in my young adult life, I couldn't agree with James more.

I've heard stories about folks networking via ShareGVL and even meeting at Village Grind because of similarities in their stories on ShareGVL; life.

Like Courtney, I grew up on the eastside of Greenville. I went to the same elementary school as Katie and always had a young love for technology like Keith. I am not a great pool player like David but did graduate from a high school in Greenville.

Micah and I did not know each other at the time but we both went to Anderson University freshman year. I'd selfishly transfer to 'have'a football team in that of Clemson, watching Tajh under center.

The similarities go on and on…

Many of us will surround ourselves with loved ones this Thanksgiving Week, asking ourselves how long it takes to 'bake' a turkey in the microwave. You'll likely get horizontal looking at Instagram while football is on.

Whatever the case is, know that we at ShareGVL are very appreciative of you and your patronage. We hope that you have an awesome Thanksgiving and can't wait to hear your stories on ShareGVL. Features are free and always will be.


Wyatt Stephens

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