I was born with a cystic kidney and it was removed when I was a day old. I have lived my life on just one kidney with zero complaints.
Name: Ryan Alford

How long have you been in Greenville? I was born and raise in Greenville. I have kept a home in Greenville my entire adult life even when I worked and lived in Manhattan for five years.

Most interesting fact about you: I was born with a cystic kidney and it was removed when I was a day old. I have lived my life on just one kidney with zero complaints.

Your background: I grew up on the east side of town and played numerous sports as a kid; swam, baseball, basketball, golf, you name it and I probably played it. My parents always shuttled me from practice to practice growing up.

Sports was my lifestyle and I was an All-State basketball player where I had some smaller school offers. However, I always wanted to go to Clemson with a slight chance to maybe play at Clemson but I tore up my ankle in a high school playoff game. So I guess I can say that I did the college thing, graduated in Marketing and worked at what is now EP + Co right out of college.

I spent twelve years at EP + Co and opened up their New York office when I moved to New York in 2009.

Our family is very musical and so I took piano lessons and played the guitar. I can still play a little bit of both but mainly play guitar.

The Aflord family is also very entrepreneurial as my grandfather was an entrepreneur, my father owns his company called Studio A, a home renovation company. I'd say that our family is both entrepreneurial and creative minded. We are blend of creativity and Type A if there was such a thing.

I first started in the ad agency and was the 'Type A' account guy and worked with some of the world's biggest brands: Verizon Wireless, Budweiser, Bojangles, Denny's, etc. Erwin Penland (now EP + Co) claimed to be entrepreneurial when I first interviewed with them and it turned out to be true. We had a small team working on the Verizon Wirless account which turned into over 100 by the time I left. They allowed me to really grow that piece of business on my own.

I now have my own business, Radical. I've built Radical to be, even though it sounds cliche, is about pushing boundaries and doing things differently. For example, who would think about a dentist (Dr. Rich Constantine) doing a dance challenge video? What dentist or doctor would ever do that? However, he (Dr. Constantine) did while having the backbone of a PR engine and someone like us that has worked with big brands for the past 18-years.

I've realized that you can't plan on 'going viral.' But you can come up with ideas for clients that push the envelope, like what we saw with Dr. Constantine. You also need to have a plan after being viral. We turned his [Dr. Constantine] success to outlets such as the Steve Harvey Show, Good Morning America and Inside Edition. We made this viral video a story through modern PR, creating the brand, 'Dr. C' overnight and sold $20k of merchandise in a month. It goes to show that you need to do things out-of-the-box, or different, and then have the ability to identify what you can do with that viral attention. We've started Smile on Cancer, which is cause-based which meant a lot to him [Dr. Constantine], and there is a lot that just came together. It has been crazy but it is the perfect embodiment of what Radical is doing.

Currently reading or watching: Embraced by Lysa TerKeurst

Hobby: Primarily working out @Core24GVL and doing fitness classes at @MadGreenville. It's a big part of my lifestyle. I golf as often as I can, which isn't that often these days. I also started the local networking collaboration @GVLHustle.

Tagline / Motto: If it doesn't challenge you it will never change you.

Who do you work for?
I own an ad agency called Radical, @Radical_Results,

What is your day-to-day on the job? My agency is a full service digital agency. We specialize in real-time content development. We are extremely nimble and create really great content at the speed of popular culture (which is fast). We also build websites and do a ton of PR & Social Media Management for clients.

I am also the Agent for Dr. Rich Constantine - I have been consulting with Rich for over a year on his marketing and things have obviously picked up with our success in the content we have developed for him. We did Steve Harvey last month and have a lot of other things in the works.

One idea that is in the works is called, 'Generation Success.' Patrick Gardner and I have built this from the ground up. In essence we are trying to teach 10-15 year old boys leadership, finance, business and personal development before they learn all of the bad habits.

How do you think Greenville would describe you in one word? Innovative

How would you describe Greenville in one word? Transitioning

Besides residence, where is your favorite Greenville morning hangout? Madabolic

Besides residence, where is your favorite Greenville evening hangout? Northampton Wines

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