I started posting videos of myself singing popular covers, I'd put a little spin on them and started to eventually get some success.
Name: Noah Guthrie

How long have you been in Greenville? 24 years. A lot of my family lives in Alabama, around the northern part of the state. I believe I am the only one within my family who was born here [South Carolina] as everyone migrated from Alabama to South Carolina.

Most interesting fact about you: I am very shy in-person, very introverted. I've always needed my own little space.

Your background: I grew up in a very musical family. My Dad is a great singer and he has always been musical. My stepmom was also very musical and my brother is a drummer, we are a music-heavy family.

Music was never something that I wanted to get into as a kid but I couldn't escape it. I picked up a bass guitar first and then an acoustic guitar when I was 14. I started noodling around a little bit, playing songs that I liked followed by writing them. There has always been a specific passion in that of writing music. It was something that I wanted to do but didn't really know that I could do it. I would uncover that I could write during high school. High schoolers are all looking for an outlet during that time
of life and music happened to be mine.

I wasn't the most popular kid in school but I started getting noticed a little bit when I would start singing and playing shows. I found friends through music, lifelong relationships through music. Music started to guide my life and I started to pursue it professionally at 17.

I started posting these videos online to a platform called, 'YouTube' which was relatively new at that time. One song in particular, 'Sexy and I Know It,' by LMFAO got a life of its own online and got around 20-million views. Fans started to form and I wanted to do something for the fans. I had been working on original music and released my first original album in 2013, toured that album for a while. Everything in my life has happened out of the blue.

I got a phone call one day when I was touring. It was the casting team of the TV show, 'Glee,' which was completely out of the sky. Was honestly not thinking about acting, at all but they wanted me to audition. I auditioned for Glee, got on that show where I was on for the last season. I made a lot of great friendships and grew more fans.

I went back to touring my own music and released another album called, 'The Valley,' and started touring and touring. Then I recently got another phone call from, 'America's Got Talent,' and they asked me if I wanted to audition. I did and made it all the way to the semi-finals and got to sing some good songs, get fans out of it and great interaction with fans from that particular show. It was great thing for me to do.

The amount of work it takes to get from one performance to another on America's Got Talent is really not known publicly. Though the first audition rounds are taped, there is still a lot of preparation to what is considered a small performance. You are talking with producers, going over details for hours upon hours in your hotel room. You work with a writing team where they guide you on what the judges will like, as they know the judges. It is a very collaborative effort but it also comes down to you at the end of day, you get to make the decisions. That is nice to have in that type of show. Shows like [America's Got Talent] have called me before, I've said no to all of them but this time I said yes. I'm glad I did it.

Currently reading or watching:
New season of Outlander, Bob's Burgers, Office reruns, anything Game of Thrones. I have a very soft spot for Game of Thrones.

Hobby: Love going hiking. I am also getting into cooking and I really, really enjoy it.

Who do you work for?
Myself. It is extremely liberating, but extremely terrifying. You have to make things happen and it is all up to you. I surround myself with great people, makes it a lot easier.

What is your day-to-day on the job? It varies. If I am at home and not on the road then I am most likely writing music or interacting with people online. That portion [interacting] takes more time and energy then one would think. I'm scheduling rehearsal, probably procrasinating a lot, waking up in a hotel, driving to the next show, doing a soundcheck, freaking out if the soundcheck isn't good, dressing room, eat, do the show and do it all over again.

It is one of the best lives as I get to see a lot of the world and the people in it. All awesome people that have been great to me thus far.

How do you think Greenville would describe you in one word? Overrated [laughs]. I would want them to say he is a nice and normal guy.

How would you describe Greenville in one word? Home

Besides residence, where is your favorite Greenville morning hangout? Paris Mountain

Besides residence, where is your favorite Greenville evening hangout? Takosushi

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