When I was old enough to drive, I cut the grass at the store. My older brother ran this dealership and he paid me $50 cash, which I was thrilled with.
Name: Marc White

How long have you been in Greenville? Over 15 years

Most interesting fact about you: My wife and I met on eHarmony.com and have been married for going on 13 years now

Your background: So I grew up a car dealer's son and I loved going to the store to hang out on Saturdays with my Dad. I would talk to the customers and get excited to check out the newest models.

When I was old enough to drive, I cut the grass at the store. My older brother ran this dealership and he paid me $50 cash, which I was thrilled with. Then I went on to sell cars between semesters in college.

But the entire time, Dad would say he didn't want me to go into the car business. He wanted me to do "my own thing." So I sort of planned to go to law school because that's what all my buddies were doing.

Then my senior year of college at UNC, Dad called and said he had a dealership he wanted me to go run. I was surprised to hear this from Dad, but he said he didn't want me to just assume he was going to give me a job after college. I thought about it for a few days and realized how much I loved being around the dealership. So I took him up on this amazing opportunity.

Right, wrong or indifferent, he made me the General Manager of our Volkswagen Audi store here in Greenville at the ripe old age of 22. That was in 2002. Dad spent a year with me in the store as we built a new Volkswagen facility and then he basically retired and allowed me to run the store from there.

This year, we're on track to do about $85 million in sales and will sell about 2,000 retail units. We have won the Audi's Magna award, given to the top achieving dealers in customer service and sales, for the past 4 years running. I'm really proud that we have been able to do this as a family-owned dealership (much of our local competition is owned by big corporate outfits) and how we still have a lot of room left for growth to become the very best in our industry.

Currently reading or watching: I'm not a big reader, but I'm trying to do better! Lately I've been reading through the book of Acts with some buddies of mine and also listening to The Effective Executive by Peter Drucker

Hobby: Photography and Wakesurfing

Tagline/motto: Anything worth doing is worth overdoing

Who do you work for? Steve White Auto Group

What is your day-to-day on the job? One of my earliest goals that my long-time mentor (my Dad) gave me was to try to "work myself out of a job." I'm by nature a bit of a micro-manager, so this goal has been a challenging for me over the years. But I try to hire really wonderful and talented people and get out of their way as much as I can. So most of my day is spent running through issues and picking the direction that we decide to go.

How do you think Greenville would describe you in one word? Optimistic

How would you describe Greenville in one word? Dynamic

Besides residence, where is your favorite Greenville morning hangout? Greenfield's Bagels or Starbucks

Besides residence, where is your favorite Greenville evening hangout? Rick Erwin's or Jianna

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