I founded my own 501c3 charity organization in 2005 which was inspired by my two younger siblings with special needs, Brock and Brantley.
Name: Lindley Mayer Gulledge

How long have you been in Greenville? I was born in Columbia, SC and moved to Greenville in the 5th grade. After high school, I moved to Los Angeles, CA to pursue my acting and dance careers where I resided for 7 years. All of that led me back to the place with the biggest piece of my heart and I have been back ever since!

Most interesting fact about you: I founded my own 501c3 charity organization in 2005 which was inspired by my two younger siblings with special needs, Brock and Brantley. I knew at a very young age that I wanted to raise hope, awareness and funds for them and others like them. Together with our incredible community's support, we have been able to raise over $140,000 for the special needs community.

Your background: I was born in Columbia, SC and moved to Greenville in the 5th grade due to my Dad's job. I didn't want to come to Greenville, in fact, I told my parents that I was going to stay in Columbia by myself. But I'm glad we made the move. Greenville has changed my life.

I was in a movie at during the time we moved to Greenville, a Lifetime movie called, 'Bastard out of Carolina' and it was both produced and directed by Anjelica Houston. It starred Lyle Lovett, Jena Malone who was in the Hunger Games and Ron Eldard just to name a few. I remember my fifth grade teacher at Oakview Elementary being really cool about the whole situation. They allowed for me to be tutored on set because I lived on set. I lived in Wilmington, NC for eight months. I came home once during Christmas Vacation. I was fortunate enough though to have my Mom and younger sister stay with with me the whole time in Wilmington.

Being in a movie was really neat, I remember a movie agent telling my Mother that I needed to audition for movies. I flew to Los Angeles, I auditioned for another movie, which I didn't get but we all liked each other, and I auditioned for Bastard out of Carolina and got the role. It was a tough decision for my parents to make at that time, to allow me to be in a movie and away from home. The movie was also pretty dark as it was about child abuse. But my parents allowed me to make the decision on my own and I said yes. Luckily, the staff was great and I never saw anything that I shouldn't have on set or within in the movie.

As soon as I graduated high school I moved to California. I never spent the night out before a day in my life prior to moving. My parents always joked that I would be on the first flight back home but I didn't. I loved California, it was a hard decision and a challenge to be away from my family. It was a dream though.

I auditioned for the pilot of 'Glee,' nobody knew what it was at the time because it was just getting started. Of course, it took off and it was neat to be on that show. I've worked with Disney and the American Music Awards. Again, I loved California and was there for seven years but I did start to get more auditions in Atlanta, much closer to Greenville and family.

I now have a dance studio, 'Shock Dance by Lindley' and coach the J.L. Mann team. I now also am a spokesman for numerous outlets, audition and so forth. I like to keep myself busy, I have a lot of things that I do.

I just got married and I love the Newlywed life! I love every single second. Sadly, I miss going to all the wedding meetings such as the cake tastings. We did, however, have a great honeymoon in St. Lucia and had a blast. Now we are back here in Greenville, close to both our families and friends.

Currently reading or watching:
My hubs and I LOVE shows. One that is a constant is Grey's Anatomy (more for me) and we also love The Good Doctor. It's such an inspiring story that can teach us all so much about life.

Hobby: My favorite hobby has always been my dancing. I began dancing when I was three years old and my heart was forever changed. It is such a special part of my life and became one of the careers I chose to pursue. When I moved back to Greenville, I opened my dance studio called Shock Dance by Lindley and I love teaching and giving back through dance. I am also really passionate about fitness and fashion. I love that our gorgeous city has so many outlets for both.

Tagline / Motto: My favorite role model has always been Audrey Hepburn. She was a truly incredible woman who loved fashion, acting, dance and even giving back in so many ways. One of her quotes that I love to live is "You have two hands, one for helping yourself and one for helping others."

Who do you work for?
For the most part, I am lucky to work for myself. I love to keep life busy and on the move and I have several different jobs that I love.

Being a spokesperson/model/host for different companies throughout our community including Marley Lilly, Benson Nissan, Splash on Main and Julie Mayer Collection is a dream come true. I also work for TALK Magazine as the social media and social scene contributor and love the incredible group of women and photographers that I get to work with.

I also own Shock Dance by Lindley which provides basic, intermediate and advanced levels of dance and competition opportunities. Pageantry is a big part of my world so I decided to build my own one stop shop pageant company called Crown Couture Collection where we provide pageant training, apparel, jewelry and the Original Custom Crown Purse which was designed and handcrafted in my family business.

How do you think Greenville would describe you in one word? Vibrant

How would you describe Greenville in one word? Giving

Besides residence, where is your favorite Greenville morning hangout? The Starbucks Downtown and taking in the beauty that is our city.

Besides residence, where is your favorite Greenville evening hangout? When my hubby and I have time for our date nights, our favorite evening spots are Jianna for an amazing dinner and then we usually head to Up on the Roof for an incredible view!

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