ShareGVL is a community built for folks interested in the Greenville, South Carolina Area. We feature Greenvillians who live and/or work within our community every weekday morning on our platforms, Monday - Friday.

Our goal is to humanize social media through the generational art of storytelling. Our stories are more similar than they are that of different.
Meet the team. They love Greenville.
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Eric Swofford
Community Builder
Eric serves as the Community Builder, overseeing events, community engagement, publicity, finances, legality, business partnerships, and growth.

Eric was born in nearby Spartanburg, South Carolina and relocated to Connecticut upon graduation of high school. Eric met his college sweetheart, Heather, at Yale. The Swofford Family relocated to Greenville from Boston in 2005.

He has had numerous roles, serving in a variety of legal and financial positions. Eric is an advocate for enabling individuals to have financial freedom in their lives, serving as a Dave Ramsey Coach within his own company, Yes Eric.

He also serves as the Program Manager within Servants for Sights, a nonprofit that allows individuals in at-risk areas to receive eye exams at no-cost.

Eric and his wife Heather have two children, Issac and Lydia. Issac currently serves in our military while Lydia has relocated to the State of Georgia for college.

He enjoys Swamp Rabbit Trail bike rides with Heather, business consulting, identifying ways to serve the Greenville Community and is actively involved with First Presbyterian Church in Downtown Greenville.

Eric can be reached by email at: eric@lovecharlie.us
Wyatt Stephens
Wyatt serves as our Storyteller, capturing the stories of folks that live and/or work here in the Greater Greenville, SC Area. Wyatt also oversees media requests, partnerships, branding and social collaborations.

Wyatt was born and raised here in Greenville, attending Buena Vista Elementary, Northwood Middle and Riverside High School (Class of '07). He then went on to pursue a B.A. in Education at Clemson University.

He lived in New York, New York for two years upon graduating Clemson and worked as an Account Sales Executive with Cengage Learning, an educational software company. Wyatt then relocated with to Athens, Georgia for a short tenure of eight months before moving back to his old stomping grounds of Greenville.

Wyatt is an advocate for small businesses in Greenville and oversees day-to-day operations with Curated Village, a digital marketing agency for Greenville small businesses. He is also a the founder of a new iPhone app that is currently in development by Designli, an app company here in Greenville.

He has a daughter, Charlie (hence the LLC, 'Love Charlie) who is two-and-a-half years old. Wyatt enjoys adventures with Charlie, golf, reading and learning. He is a member of Westminster Presbyterian Church off of Augusta Road and is locally involved with FAVOR, Area 62, Mill Community Ministries and the Greenville SBDC.

Wyatt can be reached by email at: wyatt@lovecharlie.us
What is ShareGVL?
ShareGVL is a community-building platform that enables folks who live and/or work in the Greater Greenville, SC Area to share their stories from a list of populated questions. One of our goals at ShareGVL is that of humanizing social media; everyone has a story and we will come to find that we all have more similarities than we do that of differences.

Stories, often to referred to as Features, are shared every weekday morning, Monday - Friday, on our social media, newsletter and website. We do not charge individuals for sharing Features as our hope is to keep all stories organic and unbiased. Stories are told best by the people that know them, themselves. Only one Feature is shared per day, totaling five Features per week.
What is a Feature?
A Feature is a story that has been published on the ShareGVL network; newsletter, social media and website. They are simply stories that are told by the individual being represented in the story, themselves.

ShareGVL has a populated list of 13-questions found within our questionnaire. These questions are comprised of, 'Most Interesting Fact, Background, Hobby, etc.' We believe that these questions, when answered both in length and transparently, allow for readers to understand the featured individual on a more personal level, even though the answers to these questions are just a snapshot of time.
How do you decide who is featured?

We value stories that have great length and honesty. Your submission could have morbid or funny stories, but whatever the case, we want you to be honest and put thought into your submission. This is your story and only who know how to tell it best.

Submissions that are honest and thorough are the most likely submissions to be featured.

Remember that Features are 100% free thanks to our partnering sponsors. They will always be that way.

Click here to be taken to our submission page if you are interested in submitting your story. Note: submission of your story does not guarantee that it will be featured. Please refrain from profanity and limit any applicable graphic details from your story as these particular stories are less-likely to be featured.

Note: politicians, candidates, Greenville celebrities and thereof are featured from time-to-time and sometimes can be feature more often than not in a given week.

It is our goal at ShareGVL to publicize an organic story for our readers. We've designed our 13-questions questionnaire based on general human-interest and as a platform that does not enable a politician, candidate, etc. to limit his or her political believes. We also reach out to opposing political parties to submit their respective story, keeping the ShareGVL platform as unbiased as possible.

How can I submit my story?
How can I sponsor a story?
We are able to share stories of Greenvillians because of our wonderful partnering sponsors. If you are interested in sponsorship, please view the below web page:

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Are you affiliated with the news or other media outlets?
No, we are not at this time.
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